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Alat Laboratorium Unggas

Alat Laboratorium Unggas

PETERNAKAN-BROSUR-2016---1 Alat Laboratorium Unggas


1. Manual Egg Shell Thickness Gauge



Range : 0-10mm
Accuracy : ±15µm
Graduation : 0.01mm
Measuring Force : 1.4N or less
Stem : 8mm
Application : Egg thickness measuring
Display : Analog


2. Digital Egg Shell Thickness Gauge



DIGITAL Eggshell Thickness Gage
Resolution: 0.01 mm
Measuring Range: 0-12,5 mm
Depth of jaw: 35 mm.
Operation: by lifting lever
Feelers: special for tube walls
Application: wall thickness measuring
Display : Digital



3. Haugh Unit Set – Alat ukur Kesegaran Telur

Uji kualitas albumen telur cepat dan akurat,  Akurasi Persepuluh milimeter
Pengoperasian sangat mudah dan praktis
Mikrometer yang diakui secara internasional untuk menentukan kesegaran telur
Hasil dinyatakan dalam satuan Haugh dan diperoleh dengan mengukur ketinggian
albumen dan menghubungkannya dengan berat telur dalam gram.

Membuat mengukur:
Pengoperasian sangat mudah. Anda hanya perlu memecahkan telur pada
permukaan yang datar dan menerapkan instrumen dari atas albumen
(± 1cm dari kuning telur) kemudian menurunkan probe sd menyentuh albumen.

Untuk menentukan kualitas Haugh unit Anda harus menerapkan rumus berikut:
HU = 100 * log (h – 1.7w0.37 + 7.57)
Unit HU = Haugh
h = diamati ketinggian albumen dalam milimeter
w = berat telur dalam gram
Hasilnya harus nilai antara 20 dan 110 unit Haugh.

4. Yolk Colour Chart – Kipas Warna Kuning Telur

Kipas_warna_kuning_telurKipas Warna Kuning Telur

Divided into 15 stages to distinguish the color

Density and provided a yardstick









18. Egg Shell Strength Tester – Alat Ukur kekerasan cangkang telur
Alat -Ukur -kekerasan- cangkang-telur-rumah-potong-hewan-ayam

Specification :
Range : 0-100N
Accuracy : ±0.2%
Display : 100.0N or 10.00kgf,
Power : AC100V-240V,
Weight : Approx 15kg
Size : 200x196x328 mm

19. Digital Egg Analyzer – Alat Ukur beberapa parameter kualitas telur

Specification :
Measuring Haugh unit, Egg weight,
Eggshell strengh, Yolk color, Eggshell
thickness, Yolk index.
Can be connected to PC
Size : 280 x 450 x 360 mm, Weight:20KG
Power : AC100V-240V  90W

20. Egg Candler – Teropong Telur
Egg-Candler-Teropong -Telur -Hi-Intensity Hi-Power-rumah-potong-hewan-ayam

Specification :
Memeriksa embrio telur dan keretakan
telur, Intensitas cahaya dapat bervariasi.
Power : Egg Candler 220V
Peringatan : tidak untuk melihat sinar
cahaya langsung

21. Egg Candler – Teropong Telur
Egg-Candler-Teropong -Telur -Rumah-Potong-Hewan-Ayam

Powerlux Egg Candler
Low cost candlers.
Compact hand unit for
general use.
Input: 4.5VDC

Desktop Candler
Size : 500x600x260 mm
Cap : 88-176 pcs one time
AC 220V/50 Hz
Easy operated, longlife time
USA LED cold light tech
No strobe, no radiation,
low heat
Type : 88, 150, 176 psc

22. Incubator Observasi Telur
Incubator-Observasi-Telur-Rcom-Mini + EZ-Scope-Rcom-20-PRO-rumah-potong-hewan-ayam

Rcom Mini + EZ Scope
• Observe egg embryo
• Can be connect to computer

Rcom 20 PRO
Automatic Incubator 3 egg trays.
Standard (20 chicken eggs)
Small (52 quail eggs)
Large (10 goose eggs)
Automatic Control
of Temp. & Humidity

23. Egg Observation Box

Buddy Egg Monitor
Precise monitoring of embryonic health.
Monitors the faint heartbeat of the embryo
Ideal for valuable eggs.
1. Flashing heart & pulse line,
chick’s heart is beating.
2. Black heart & flat line, no pulse.
3. Animated bird, chick is moving.
4. Flashing battery, replace battery.
5. 3-digit number, heart beats per minute.

24. Egg Observation Scope

Rcom Ezscope
If you Use the camera, you can inspect the
incubation process with your pc from EZ
Scope, Camera and notebook not included

25. Lab Poultry Incubator
Lab-Poultry-Incubator-Capacity -10 -Eggs-rumah-potong-hewan-ayam

The Mini Eco holds 10 hens eggs/equivalent
The Mini Advance 7  to 12 small eggs
Humidity control
High quality high visibility cabinet  (ADV, ECO)
Fan assisted airflow (ADV, ECO)
Glass thermometer (ECO)
Digital display of temperature (ADV)
Automatic egg turning with autostop (ADV)
Countdown to hatch (ADV)
Temperature alarms (ADV)
2 year guarantee (ADV, ECO)

26. Lab Poultry Incubator
Lab-Poultry-Incubator-Capacity -24 -Eggs-rumah-potong-hewan-ayam

Egg capacity of 24 hens eggs
Digital control system , Temp and humidity
display, Temperature alarm;  °C or °F
Good visibility of the eggs, Tough and hygienic
cabinet,  Automatic egg turning cradle
Capacity: Quail 60, Pheasant 40, Hen 24, Duck 20
Weight   2.7Kg
Power  Max 45 W,  220/240v, 50 Hz
Dimensions  43 x 26 x 30cms

27. Lab Poultry Incubator
Lab -Poultry -Incubator-rumah-potong-hewan-ayam

Ova Easy 190 advance II
Automatic Incubator, Advance digital
control system. Temperature and humidity
are continuously displayed along with
temperature alarm and egg turning status.
Capacity : 190
Weight:  20Kg
Power consumption: 200 Watts max
Dimensions: 820 x 420 x 480mm
Electrical: 230V 50Hz

28. Chick Brooder

Heating plate for Chicks
Size  25 x 25 cm
Only 15 Watt
15 – 20 Chicks
Easy to adjust

29. Chick Brooder

EcoGlow Chick Brooder
Ideal for keeping newly hatched poultry
Three height settings for different sized chicks
Runs from a 12V power source for complete
peace of mind and uses just 18 Watts of power
to keep up to twenty chicks warm.
Dimensions : 32L x 27W x 21Hcm
Weight : 750g
Power Consumption : 20 Watts

30. Poultry Artificial Insemination – Volumetric insemination gun

AI gun for 1.2 mL straw with
volumetric system, Multi-doses
for 1.2 ml poultry straws
Poultry Straw 1.2 ml d 4.1 x
132 mm (3500)

31. Poultry Artificial Insemination

Semen sucker for
1,2 ml straw
AI shelf  for hen
Right leg-holder
for hen

32. Lab Poultry ID RINGS
Poultry- Artificial- Insemination-Inseminasi-Unggas-Buatan-Rumah- Potong -Hewan-Ayam-Semen-Sucker-Al-Shelf-for-Hen-Right-Leg-Holder-for-Hen

Poultry Leg Rings with Zip in
6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm
Spiral Rings
Bird Leg Rings Stainless
with Letters/numbers
ID Ring Small Pliers (5 hole)
For Split rings up to 8 mm with 5 oval
holes of  8, 6.5,  5, 4 and 3 mm

Info lebih lengkap & Pemesanan : Kontak kami.