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Alat Laboratorium Reproduksi Ternak

Alat Laboratorium Reproduksi Ternak

PETERNAKAN-BROSUR-2016-2 Alat Laboratorium Reproduksi Ternak

1. Measuring Tape – Meteran Penduga Berat

Measuring slaughtering weight of pigs and cattle
Thoracic circumference is measured right
behind the forelegs
250 cm long

2. Measuring Stick – Tongkat Ukur Tinggi sapi


Tinggi Max : 210 cm
Material  : Stainless
Penampang : Persegi/Kotak
Ketelitian : 0,1 cm
Water pass/detektor datar


Tinggi Max : 210 cm
Material  : Stainless
Bentuk Batang : Bulat
Ketelitian : 1,0 cm
Water pass/detektor datar
Water pass/detektor datar

3. Timbangan Hewan

6-digit green LED display
Programmable zero tracking,
Programmable digital filter
Hold function, Counting function
Kap. 2 Ton ( 2 tapak )
Ukuran loadbar :
1 meter x 10 cm x 20 cm


Can Average Hold value of weight.
AC/DC supply power
Dimension : 1 m X 2m
Kapasitas   : 1 Ton – 2 Ton

4. Identificator – Anting Kuping Hewan sebagai Penanda
Identificator-Anting -Kuping -Hewan -sebagai -Penanda

Ex Pakistan
Ex Allflex-USA

Ex Pakistan
Large    (Blank, Numbered)
Medium(Blank, Numbered)
Ex Allflex-USA
Large     (Blank, Numbered)
Medium  (Blank, Numbered)

Tag Pen
Spidol khusus eartag blank

5. Identificator
Identificator -Metal- Tags-Anting-Metal-Untuk-Hewan-Tattoing-Plier- Tinta- TattoMetal Tags
Anting Metal Untuk Hewan
Brass  Applicator
Meta Tags Aluminium
Meta Tags Brass

Tattoing Plier
Alat Tatto Ternak
4 space
Nominal 0 – 9
Font Size 0.9 cm

Tinta Tatto
Warna hitam
Berat 60 gram

6. Identificator
RFID (Radio Frequency Identificator)
Radio- Frequency -Identificator

Reader KM-80411
Store : up to 4000 tag data
Connection: USB/ Blue tooth.
Freq  : 134.2Khz/125Khz
Read distance:  > 25cm,  128×64  OLED

Reader KM-0830

Freq: 134.2KHz FDX-B
For  livestock tagging system.
Easy operation
Store up to 10.000 pcs ID
Connect : USB interfaces

RFID Eartag ET-20304
Identificator-Hewan-RFID- Eartag- ET-20304

Umur Chip : 30 tahun
Range 27 cm,
Max read  1 tags/sec
Frequency : 1342 kHz,  256 bits

7. Identificator
Rotary Tattoo
Identificator-Hewan -Rotary Tattoo

Small Tattoo Set

Ear Marking

Alat tatto telinga 1 Set
Ear marking/Aplikator
Huruf 0-9
Tinta 60gr black

Ear Notcher
Identificator-Hewan -Ear-Notcher

Alat untuk mencoak telinga hewan

Shape  : “V shape”  1 cm

8. Identificator
Identificator-Hewan-Alat-tato-bakarHot Branding Set
Alat Tatto Bakar
60 mm
70 mm
80 mm
Heavy Duty
Cold Branding Set

Cold Branding

9. Dummy Cow – Tiruan Sapi Betina
Dummy- Cow-Tiruan- Sapi- Betina

Alat bantu pengambilan sperma sapi Jantan
Bahan :   Kayu/logam,           Kulit Sintetik
Ukuran :
Standar atau sesuai pesanan

10. Electroejaculator

Bull Electroejaculator
Automatic & manual settings. Includes :
Remote control, 20′ probe cable assembly,
Metric scrotal tape, AC battery charger,
Directory cone, semen collection vial and  handle
Carrying case, and your choice of probe size.

Ejaculator Domba/Kambing
Ringan dan Praktis, Masukkan  probe sekitar 4 ”
ke dalam rektum, tekan on dan off bergantian,
Ejakulasi setelah beberapa pengulangan.

11. Artificial Vagina –    Vagina Buatan Penampung Sperma

Vagina Buatan Complete Set
Size :  30 cm Complete Set
Casing with valve
Inner liner for Bovine AV
Director cone Latex brown,
Semen collection vial
Rubber ring
AV  FOR sheep/Goat  Complete Set

12. Sperm Microscope

Semen Portable Mikroskop
Cepat & handal skrining motilitas dalam aplikasi IB
di lapangan
High-Quality Professional Lenses
Portable Design and Simple Operation
Brightness and Long-Life LED Lighting
Long-Life Battery
200x total magnification

13. Digital Trinokuler Mikroskop

Built-in 3MP/5MP digital camera system
Available for WINDOWS 2000/XP/7/Vista
Eye :WF10X-20mm, Obj: 4x,10x, 40X,100X
Seidentopf Binocular Inclined 30°, Rotatable 360°,
Interpupilary Distance:  50-75mm
Nosepiece : Quadplex
Stage Size: 145X140mm, Travel: 76mmX52mm,
Two Slide Holder
Condenser : Abbe N.A. 1.25 (Iris Diaphragm)
Illumination : 6V/20W Halogen Lamp,
Filter : Blue(Built In)
Image Systems : 3.2MP Pixel,
Gross Weight:8 kgs

14. Vet Sperm analyzer
Vet- Sperm -analyzer

HR-1000 animal sperm densitometer is in the UV / visible
region of the spectrum qualitative and quantitative analysis of
animal sperm density , specifically in areas such as
agriculture, animal husbandry , animal , such as bulls , rams ,
pigs , horses , deer , camels , etc.
Sample : Fresh semen, Sperm washing semen,
Freezing and thawing semen, Neutered semen residue

Wavelength range: 200~1000mm,  accuracy : ± 1.0nm
Wavelength Repeatability :0.5nm
Spectral Bandwidth: 4nm,   Stray light :0.3% t ( at 360nm )
Transmittance measurement range :0.0% t ~ 199.9% t
Absorbance measurement range: 0.000A ~ 1.999A
Concentration direct reading range : 0000 to 1999
Transmittance accuracy : ± 0.5% t,  repeatability : ± 0.2% t
Stability :0.004A / h

15. Straw Fill-Sealing Machine

Manual Straw Filling, Sealing System with supplies
for 1000 x 0.5cc straws. Fills 400 straws per hour.
One Filling nozzle holds 15 x 0.5cc straws
Four Straw clip for 0.5cc straws holds 15 straws
Rubber for clip, 15 straws 0.5 ml
Disp bubble dish with comb for 0.5cc straws,25/pack
Bubbler support stand, SS for 0.25/0.5cc straws
0.5cc straws, 2000 straws
PVC sealing powder, 0.45 kg/1lb.
Vaccuum Pressure Pump 115V, 60Hz
Pump connection Tube 2′,  Filter, Weight : 17.5 kg

16. Semen Transport Container

Gold Standard for cooled transported semen.
Can be Opened by Airport Security without Harming
Perfect for International Shipping
Cools and Maintains Semen up to 70 hours
Trusted by veterinarians, universities and breeders
Dimensions: 17 3/4 in. in height, 10 in. diameter.
Shipping Weight : 11 pounds.
Equitainer I Container, 1 Cup Style Isothermalizer
2 Freezer Cans 2 Ballast Bags, 1 Sterile Cup
1 Spring Lock Warning Label Instruction Booklet


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